Diving in

by Jhennifer Moises, Lesley, Donelan, Yumeng Ji and Rui Chen

We are very excited as we set things in motion for our filmmaking trip to Curaçao. The documentary, which is going to focus on the preservation of coral reefs, requires a lot of research and preparation. On Tuesday night, we were divided into groups gathering as much information as possible on island history, relevant science, experts we’ll consult, sources of images and more. Social media, news, coral research and story structure were topics of lengthy discussion.

Some topics we discussed included the reef-protecting behavior of parrotfish, “underwater condos” – a term for a reef-monitoring device covered in The Washington Post – the work of the Carmabi Research Institute, coral reef biology and ocean conservation. We enjoyed discovering the wacky “Parrotfish Poop Song,” which you can watch below.

Now we have to figure out how to squeeze the most important background into a 20-minute documentary.

With our blog launch, and the Facebook page up and running and getting more likes everyday, make sure to follow us to not miss any part of what is set to be a great journey. Hope to see you here along the way!


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