Visual Storytelling

by Jhennifer Moises, Lesley, Donelan, Yumeng Ji and Rui Chen

Preparations for our Curaçao documentary continue in full force.  As the trip approaches, we learn more and more at every class meeting. Tuesday night, the main topic was storytelling, and what it takes to create a great one. First of all, have creative ideas in mind. Creative thoughts make for interesting shots. Artistic vision is important as well as the technical capacity to bring them to life.

We have to make sure the microphones are connected to the camera properly because that is the guarantee sound is going to be crystal clear and perfect.  We will be using two types of microphones to capture audio footage: lavalieres (perfect for interviews) and shotguns – capture the audio from our surroundings.

Moving on to the visual aspect of filming, lighting and color adjustment are essential to capturing the perfect image, and so is framing a scene.

In addition to all of that, we had a special Skype session: with Aaron Hartmann, a coral reef ecologist and marine conservationist who has worked extensively in Curaçao. He is also going to guide us in Curaçao.
It is only the beginning, and there is much more to come!


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