A Vibrant and Hopeful View of the Undersea World

by Grace Telesco
Courtesy of Mark Vermeij

Courtesy of Mark Vermeij

This week we were able to watch the fourth episode of “Earth a New Wild,” a world-spanning five-part PBS series on how to manage growing human impacts on wildlife. But we were particularly interested in the episode on ocean life. Not only is the message important, but the show also has a clear but engaging script and beautiful visuals. The underwater scenes around coral reefs were great to watch ahead of our journey to Curaçao next month.

Professor Luskay pointed out how the editing included long silent stretches that let the pictures tell the story. It was interesting to see that a voice-over is not always needed. The sound of rushing water and bubbles, combined with the vibrant fish swimming along the coral reefs, was the only thing necessary at certain moments. The script had a great balance of drawing the audience in, while still informing society about the harsh realities of these damaged environments.

Many reefs around the planet are deteriorating, but there’s much that can be done to sustain corals, the host of the show, the conservation biologist M. Sanjayan, explained.

We’ll be exploring some of those steps in our film, “Curaçao’s Coral Challenge.” As in this stunning PBS program, we hope to mix beautiful visuals and a powerful message to society, doing our part to ensure a long future for these undersea environments.


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