Our Class Meets One Coral Challenge – Naming Our Film

by Lissette De Leon

Halfway through this week’s class, Dr. Luskay said it was time to come up with the title of the documentary. This is tough when you haven’t shot any footage yet! But it had to be done because of advance publicity for the premiere in May. Who would have thought creating a film title could be so difficult?

Prof. Revkin opened up a blank white Word document on the screen. (Side note: If you see his laptop you won’t be able to keep up with all the tabs and windows he has open.)

Then all the thinking began. Students blurted out words related to the documentary: revival, rescuing, underwater city, conserve, coral, algae and many more. (See the Wordle above.) Dr. Luskay wanted everyone to have input, but their wasn’t much creativity in the room. A couple of students, including myself, were unable to come up with any inspiring ideas, which appeared to drive Dr. Luskay insane!

Others filled the gap, though: Despair to Repair. Yuck to Yeah! The best out of all the ideas, thanks to Dallas and Cassie, was “KEEPIN’ IT CORAL.” Shockingly Prof. Revkin liked the idea, Dr. Luskay said “I CANNOT BELIEVE IT” and stormed out of the room. When she returned, the brainstorming resumed and we settled on this title:

Curacao’s Coral Challenge – Reviving the Rain Forests of the Sea

After that hour-long stressful struggle, Dr. Luskay said, “Does everyone agree on this title? Because later I do not want to hear about other suggestions.” Finally, with a sigh of relief, the title was official.

While Keepin’ it Coral didn’t make the cut, Prof. Revkin (who’s a musician on the side) said it would be a perfect name for the key soundtrack song. Alex Coma, who composes and mixes music, is on the task.

Keepin’ it Coral… COMING SOON!


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