Ready, set, action! The filming begins

by Jhennifer Moises

Even though it was 6:00 am when we all met at JFK International Airport, on March 14th, the excitement was shown on everybody’s faces. The anticipation to reach our destination – Curaçao – built up, as we got close to boarding.

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Photos by Yumeng Ji

And only two hours after landing in Curaçao, we were in gear, walking to Carmabi Marine Research Station, where we talked about our schedule and plans for the week, which includes snorkeling on reefs, kayaking in mangroves and an architectural tour. Also, we got to learn a lot about lionfish after talking to fishermen. Cassie and Professor Revkin even tried fresh lionfish sashimi.

Keep up with our adventures in Curaçao as we shoot the documentary on coral reef’s conservation. Curacao’s Coral Challenge – Reviving the Rain Forests of the Sea is in the making!

Looking forward to the great week ahead of us! Make sure to watch our vlog:


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