Shaping a Film by Matching Songs and Scenes

Soundtracks can help shape the rhythm and mood surrounding the story in a film. How many times do you catch yourself remembering a film through its music? Take, for instance, Star Wars. Would the saga envisioned by George Lucas have the same grandeur without its John Williams orchestral theme?

Or Steven Spielberg’s daunting Jaws with that music anticipating that the huge and deadly shark was coming.

Music can be a vital part of captivating storytelling. And that is what we are trying to figure out. The entire class went on a scavenger hunt in order to find the perfect tune to match the opening of our film. As we went through the pages of transcribed interviews, and searched for footage, we had our headphones on, as well.

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By matching scenes and songs, the story gains momentum and meaning

Wait to see, and hear, how Curacao’s Coral Challenge: Reviving the Rain Forests of the Sea is coming along. This weekend many of us have been cloistered in the editing suite. And that will be our routine up until the movie is perfect and ready to go to the big screen at the Jacob Burns Film Center on May 12th.

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Keep it coral!



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