Courtesy of Mark Vermeij, Carmabi Research Institute

Courtesy of Mark Vermeij, Carmabi Research Institute


Welcome to the blog for Pace University’s Producing the Documentary course, which has its focus set for this spring: marine scientists’s efforts to conserve and restore Caribbean coral reefs after decades of degradation from overfishing, invasive species, and other insults.

From March 14th until March 21st we will be closely working with the Carmabi Research Institute, which has remained the largest field station in the Southern Caribbean. We will team up with a group of marine scientists monitoring the island’s coral reefs and working with communities to sustain this important resource. Through research, interviews and filming our class aims to create a documentary that explains how, amid dire environmental headlines, there are places where people are working energetically to build a sustainable human relationship with the environment.

This will be the fifth in a prize-winning series of films focused on sustainable resource management and environmental conservation. The previous films were featured on The New York Times website here. Follow our journey on our social media accounts and  look out for our premiere at the Jacob Burns Theater on  May 12th, 2015.



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  1. Any thoughts about UN climate ambassador Leo dicaprio’s 100 residence Eco resort being built on , over and in the water on his private island in Belize ? As I understand it , human shoreline development is the greatest killer of coral reefs worldwide . Do other Caribbean islands have as weak environmental protection laws as Belize ? In Costa Rica the first 100 meters of shoreline cannot be developed and are public property . Any chance of other countries being urged to adopt this kind of progressive environmental and social agenda ?


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